You Name It e-book for finding Business Names

You Name It

A practical guide to naming products, services,
businesses, divisions, domain names, newsletters
and just about anything else except babies.

By Michel Neray

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Need some help finding that perfect business name?

Download this helpful, 22-page report by Michel Neray. I GUARANTEE that it will save you time and money. If it does not, simply e-mail me within 90 days and I will refund your money in full. No questions asked.

With a guarantee like that, there is no risk to you. You can't afford to pass this up.


Michel Neray, author of You Name ItExtract from "You Name It":

I thought that since…

A: Naming is one of the first and most critical challenges of marketing, and
B: Just about everybody is faced with the task of naming something at some point or another in their career,

there would probably be stacks of books on the subject.

Wrong. If you've taken the trouble to download this e-book, that suggests to me that you already… found books on essay writing, direct mail writing, script writing, business writing, marketing, business, how-to write ads, how-to write TV commercials, how-to write songs, and how-to start your own business.

But no books on how to come up with names.

More recently, I did come across a few naming books, but they seemed miserably short on substance, and long on promotion - written more to attract clients than to impart any truly useful advice.

That's when I started to review all the notes I had collected over the years on what works in naming and what doesn't.

There were enough notes to fill a book.

You already understand the importance of a name, and you're looking for helpful techniques you can use immediately. You may have even started generating lists of names, but perhaps you got bogged down in choosing the best one.

That leads me back to my first point - anyone can come up with names. The trick is to come up with the right name.

If that's what you want, this e-book is for you.


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Title: You Name It
Author: Michel Neray
Format: PDF (Opens with the free "Acrobat Reader" software). Compatible with both PC and MAC.
Number of pages: 22
File size: 465 KB
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Delivery: Immediate download
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