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Ways To Make Money On The Net


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Let's be honest,

Making money on the Net is one very attractive prospect. You can do it at home, in your own time and in your pajamas if you want.

-- But --

You need to start somewhere. Right? We all do. And if you are new to online business, it can be downright daunting. There is no short "here's how you do it" answer. I tried to keep it short in this book and ended up writing 37 pages! And I'm just covering the basics here.

So you've got some reading to do. 37 pages worth.

I can't promise that you will make money on the Net within X amount of days after reading this book. That's up to you. But I do promise that you will look back on today as the day it started. This book gives you a foot in the door - and that's going to cost you a whopping $7. If you have $7 to spare, this is one heck of a sensible way to spend it!

If I say so myself :)

Summary Of This Book
Title: Ways To Make Money On The Net (1st Edition, 2004)

André le Roux, editor of Pandecta Magazine.

Format: PDF (Opens with the free "Acrobat Reader" software). Works on both PC and Mac.
Number of pages: 37 pages
File size: Just over 1MB (1,096KB)
Download time: About 30 seconds (estimated), depending on your connection speed.
Price: $7 (all inclusive) - US Dollars.

Most books on e-business get lost in theory. Books with real, actionable advice about making money on the Net are few and far between. This little 37-page e-book fills the gap. Real insight into a couple of the most popular ways to make money online - most of them costing nothing or only a couple of dollars to start. This e-book is not aimed at seasoned e-business experts. If you are new to e-business or you've given it a go and you're not making money at it, you need this book!

Delivery: Immediate download
Guarantee: Full, unconditional, money-back guarantee valid for 30 days. If you purchase this book and it does not provide the kind of information you need, one email to me will get you a full and immediate refund. No questions asked.


($7 USD. Yes, that's seven US Dollars.)


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Unconditional money-back guarantee

Thank you for trying this book. I am convinced that if you buy it, read it and then APPLY what you learn, you WILL make money on the Net. If you have any questions or feedback please feel free to email me directly.

Andre le Roux

André le Roux
Owner, Pandecta Magazine
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