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Search Engine Listing Advice:
Safe Search Engine Listing

Content Is King (Usually)

Keyword Focused Content Pages (KFCP) are keyword-rich pages that deliver useful information and link to your main web site. They are designed to score well on search engines, and then act as a bridge between traffic from the search engines and your main site.

They are great, but your site could be penalized by the search engines if you use them.


In the past, dishonest webmasters would create basic template pages (A.K.A. "entry" or "doorway" pages) and fill them with keyword gibberish, redirecting visitors from them to the main site.


The important search engines (most notably Google) have stated that they're aware of the problem and that they will penalize sites that use entry pages.

So the real question is...


How Do Search Engines Detect Entry Pages?

Once we know how search engines sniff out entry pages, we can avoid using anything that will identify a page as a doorway page.

So, how do they know? Two ways:

  • They detect duplicate pages and
  • They detect pages that only link out - with no incoming links.

The solution...


Create entry pages that offer real content (KFCPs)

For example:

Write an article for each keyword. Create links between your articles, so that your KFCPs (Keyword Focused Content Pages) pages become like an article archive. It's unlikely that any engine will ever exclude valuable, on-topic content.

The downside is that you no longer have just one path from your entry page to your order page. Web surfers get distracted very easily, so make sure the button that leads to the main site / order page is more prominent than the links to your other entry pages.


Recommended Reading

Keyword Focused Pages

Getting KFCPs right is critical.

So, I'm going to send you from here to the guy who invented the concept and coined the phrase "Keyword Focused Content Pages".

Dr. Ken Evoy's "Make Your Site Sell 2002" is probably the most complete guide to getting KFCPs right. Ken definitely knows his stuff.

By the way, this book covers Keyword Focused Content Pages and everything else a Netrepreneur could possibly want to know. If you haven't read it, you should. No other e-commerce book comes close.

Search Engine Listing in general

The Search Engine Yearbook, also from Pandecta Magazine, is arguably the most complete resource on search engines, search engine listing and search engine resources.

It is probably more comprehensive than most people would need...

but then again, most people don't have a top 10 search engine listing for ANY keyword.

The Search Engine Yearbook consolidates literally everything you could want to know about search engines.


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Safe Search Engine Listing
Search Engine Keyword Research
Search Engine Updates
Search Engine List
The "Best Search Engine"


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