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E-Business Checklist
By André le Roux

1. Products

  • What range of products do you offer?
  • Hard goods or information (electronic) products? (also see this tutorial on creating and selling information products)
  • If you're selling hard goods, what shipping options do you offer? FedEx? UPS? USPS?
  • Will this change? How often?
  • Do you build custom orders?
  • If so, does your site visitor know?
2. Pricing
  • Do you have different prices for different groups of customers?
  • Do you offer promotions and discounts?
  • Do you offer incentives?
  • Do you offer purchase incentives - in other words products bundled together at a reduced price?
3. Customer profiling
  • Who are your customers?
  • Are you capturing demographic data with your orders?
  • Are there incentives you can offer to encourage anonymous buyers to tell you about themselves?
  • How much does your typical customer know about your products?
  • How Internet savvy is your typical customer? Do you need to make it easier to order?
  • Are you recommending products based on a customer's profile?

4. Customer Care

  • Is it easy for site visitors to contact you with questions? Do you have contact information or a link to contact information on every page of your site?
  • How quickly can you respond to customer inquiries?
  • Do they know long they will have to wait for an answer?
  • Do you have a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)?
  • Do you offer order status look-up?
  • Do you offer after sales service and technical support?
  • Does each product include details on after sales service and technical support?

5. Transaction Processing

  • What types of payments do you need to support? Credit cards? Cybercash? Checks? PayPal? Debit cards? Corporate credit accounts? (Rule: If you make it hard for them to pay you, they won't.)
  • Can your customer contact you (from the order page) to request an alternative payment method?
  • Will your customers have the option to buy more than one product at a time?
  • If so, do you have a shopping cart system in place?
  • Can you offer additional incentives based on order volume?

6. Repeat business

  • Do your customers typically purchase the same items again and again? (e.g. newsletter subscription, disposable contact lenses etc.)
  • Do you offer repeat customers the option to save their details on your site?
  • Do you offer incentives to repeat customers?

7. Localization

  • Do you need to support multiple languages?
  • Do you need to support multiple currencies?
  • Can you increase sales by offering regional pricing structures?

8. Legal

  • Do you have the necassary disclaimers, terms of service, privacy policy and return policy on your site?

9. Metrics

  • Do you have a way of tracking visitors to your site?
  • Do you use visitor statistics to better understand your profile customer?
  • Do you measure your conversion rate (percentage of visitors who buy)?
  • Can you measure response rates to advertisements / PPC ads?
  • Can you determine your ROI for specific advertisements?
  • Do you measure customer acquisition cost?
10. Marketing

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