Working Hours

As a freelancer or entrepreneur, how much should you work?

Twenty hours a week? Forty?

I suppose if you work smart, you could get away with less than forty. For me it is different. For the first four years after I started my graphic design company I worked about seventy hours a week. Of course there is not enough work coming in to keep you busy seventy hours a week, so you work on your own web sites, do research, learn new skills. Find out how to market yourself on the Net and continually improve.

Once my business was established I slipped back to about 25 hours a week – and my business suffered because of it. I did too. It’s no fun when your employees do everything and there are certain functions that employees can never completely take over. Nowadays I work between 50 and 60 hours a week.

Keep a balance though. Living only for work will make you miserable. I have two hours a day “family time”. No work is allowed to interfere.

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