In the rundown of the elections down here in South Africa I read some comments (complaints really) of South Africans as reported in the press. The number one gripe is unemployment which is very high at 24%. Third highest in the world and eating away at the support for the ruling ANC which has been unable to remedy the situation after 20 years in power.

But it’s not the ANC. There are no jobs because we are not working. It is not the other way around. Bonga, the guy working in my garden on Mondays understands this. He works at my place on Mondays only because he is fully booked every other day of the week. His income is 15 times that of the average South African.

What makes Bonga different? There are thousands of laborers complaining about unemployment. They can’t find work for one day in the week. But Bonga has too much work. He is at the point where he will have to hire help if he is to expand any further.

Employment is not a gift, it is a decision.

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