Wait, What If It Works!

I was looking through the (great) logos that designers started uploading on LogoGround and I caught myself being intimidated by my own project. LogoGround is not a huge hit yet, but it’s climbing steadily. So far it’s a growth that my team and I can manage, but what if it really lifted off. What if others started seeing LogoGround like I see it?

Sun Tzu says it best: “Management of many is the same as management of few. It is a matter of organization.”

When success strikes, don’t run. Add good people and give them enough rope to do what they do best. Sorted. Nothing really changed. The team is just bigger. If managing it all becomes too much, add a good manager too.

The trick is to not chicken out beforehand. You’ve taken the risk, you’ve done the work. When your project starts to grow wings, open the cage and let it fly.

If you don’t you’ll just be one of those old-timers who tells anyone who will listen that he almost had a hit.

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