Vent Disorder

(Seth Godin made an interesting remark about this. I’m adding my voice.)

Dear client, when you work with a designer you work with a real person. Like other real people, we all have quiet days and busy days. You may feel that you have the right to insist on getting that design RIGHT NOW, but as designers we need to take pride in our work and we refuse to rush something if the quality will suffer as a result.

You have the right to post a bad review on some consumer site because that awful design company took an extra day to make sure that your designs were as good as they can be – or you can stop badmouthing honest companies that do their best and instead direct your rage at someone who deserves it. How about the company that blatantly misleads people? How about the politician with the broken promises? How about government corruption? Don’t you have something better to do with that energy? I know you do. I know that if you point that rage in the right direction you can make your world and mine a little better. Badmouthing honest companies will eventually achieve the opposite.

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