The Myth of the Web Store

Because we offer cost effective logos, we often attract one-man start-ups. A retired gentleman who is putting up his own “web store”.

Let’s get this straight: In the offline world, location matters. You make money because you are close and convenient. I’m not going to drive to the larger (cheaper) hardware store if your hardware store is just around the corner.

That does not work on the web. Your “web store” is no closer than Besides, I know Amazon. I have bought from their store before. I trust them. They are fast too. Why would I change to “”.

Why would I risk entering my credit card details there?
Why would I wait 2 weeks for you to ship the thing?
To buy a DVD that I could get cheaper at Amazon?

I won’t.

You will have to do better. Web stores that sell a collection of cool stuff don’t work.

What should you sell?

Something no-one else is selling. Sure the market is probably smaller, but this is the web. Every single one of the 7.5 billion people on this planet is around the corner from your web store. Specialize! Be #1 in something – anything – and you will have a viable start to your business.

Or try to beat Amazon. Your call.

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