Surprise and Delight

It’s one of the most important concepts in business.

This past Christmas, instead of the normal Christmas stuff, I bought my wife a ring – just to say that I still love her as much as when I married her. She was almost in tears. For a week. It’s now one month later and I still can’t do anything wrong.

It worked because she was surprised and delighted. (I’m usually an unromantic old fart.)

The same applies in graphic design – and in business in general.

No matter how great your work is, if you only deliver what I expect to receive then you are only delivering. You are not making my day, only giving me what I paid for. Hurry up and hand it over. There are millions of people delivering every day. You are replaceable.

Make yourself irreplaceable by promising less and delivering more. Get a “wow” response.

It requires more effort, but that is exactly why it works.

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