Starting A Logo Design Site?

By now the industry is just about saturated. There are thousands of logo design web sites on the Net, all offering virtually the same thing.

Some of them have an established client base.

Some make very little money indeed.

We welcome the competition, but what is it that you will be doing differently?

When I started BizLogo there were probably 4 or 5 serious players in online logo design. I took stock of what they did and found ways in which I could offer more for less.

I am baffled by the number of logo design sites that are still popping up everywhere, all saying and selling the same thing.

I feel sorry for them. I page through their web sites and see serious time invested there. Someone missed out on family time putting the web site together. That would be fine if he/she could make money with it, but there’s just no way. There is nothing new there. It’s just another logo design site.


Online logo design is not a cash cow. You still need to think, invent and plan to be successful.

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