Spider Economy

In the corners of my office where they live, spiders sometimes make one web above the other. It looks like the older, bigger spiders live on the lower floors. Gravity brings them more stuff down there. The younger ones are relegated to living on the top floors, which provides them with an interesting opportunity. Build a stronger, denser web and you’re set. All the good stuff that used to fall through can now be collected. There is the moral dilemma as well. The big, starving guy on the ground floor is probably dad. And there is the danger. Dad’s going to come looking for his stuff at some point.

It’s the same in business of course.

(1) Build a better web.

(2) Think about hiring the competition. That guy on the lower floor, the one who’s customers you are luring away, will put up a fight. If you hire him or work out a JV of some kind before he gets serious about fighting, you’ve won.

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