Spam Filters

Some network admins take great pride in the fact that they can block everything, including the bulk of legitimate emails. It’s killing online businesses – and the business owners don’t even know it because they never see how many legitimate business emails get thrown out with the trash.  If only they knew.

We have trouble getting emails through to certain clients when we have the word “logo” in the email.


For crying out loud! Just because a logo designer spammed you in 2003 does not mean that you never ever want to speak to anyone about any logo ever again.

You might start a business next year and need a logo, but thanks to the spam filtering awesomeness of your network admin, you will receive only silence when you request design quotes from designers. An empty inbox. You won’t know why.

Your boss might ask for your opinion on the new company logo and think you are rude to simply ignore her like that. She might send follow-up emails and demand a response, but you will continue to ignore her, wondering why she hasn’t asked for your opinion on the new company logo.

Spam filters are much, much worse than spam.

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