Smaller and Better

Size matters, but in the world of platforms the move is increasingly towards smaller, not bigger. There are many logo designers in the world. There are also many sites that attempt to be platforms where designers can sell their ready-made logos. The logo platforms have one thing in common: They all try to be the biggest. They sometimes approve poor quality logos in an attempt to outlogo the competition. Some approve logos that violate existing copyrights. More and bigger at almost any cost.

But one thing the Web has – intrinsically – is size. A logo platform like LogoGround has access to literally millions of designers and tens of millions of possible logo designs. If we list them all we will be of no use to the logo shopper who has to wade through thousands of virtually identical, poor quality, uninspired designs to find a good logo for her business.

Big isn’t bad. Big at the expense of quality is.

Much better for platforms to disqualify all but the best work by the best designers. Designers are sometimes frustrated by the quality barriers at LogoGround, but even if we exclude the bottom 99% of ready-made logos we will have more logos than most shoppers want to browse through. Platforms like LogoGround must become ever more selective. If we don’t, we follow a path to where finds itself. It had 200,000+ artworks for sale last time I checked. Great, if they’re all high quality, but they are not. Most of it is noise that shoppers have to sift through.

As a logo designer/artist, your ability to churn out logos/art at speed has little value. It’s all about quality.

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