Seth Godin often uses the word “shipped” to describe a project launched into the world. I like it. “Shipped” can be the status of anything. Anything that you set out to accomplish and then see through. It is not the same as “done”. Few things are ever done. And success isn’t required. What is required is that you invest in it. Time, effort and/or money. And then ship it despite the risk of failure.

In the shop next to my graphic design studio an artist set up a painting studio. I think her work is good, but not spectacular. I love that she does not hide her paintings in her house. She “ships” them by hanging them in the shop – and even outside the shop where everyone can see. It’s a massive risk, investing your soul into a work and hanging it where people walking in the street can see it. But not doing it is not living.

What did you ship in 2013?

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