Sense vs Commitment

The vast majority of business ventures that pay require a large, prolonged commitment. In my estimation, most that fail do so for lack of commitment. Spending 30 hours on your web site won’t make you successful. Spending 30 hours per week on it over the next four years will.

Sure, you need to have the common sense to test and evaluate ideas. You need the guts to abandon some. But once in a while you need to take that promising site and really invest in it.

It’s like exercising. Any form of exercise is beneficial, but you can’t expect real results if you do it in half-hearted installments.

Side note:
Investing in a web site does not mean creating content. That too, but there is more to it. The investment should be balanced between all 101 little things that can make your site better. Content is the biggest component, but not the only one.

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