Selling In A Saturated Market

The online logo design shopper has an immense pool of logo design web sites to choose from.

They are all pretty much the same. Small differences in the price maybe. This one might have a better guarantee and that one perhaps offers more revisions, but those are not the considerations that will make the logo design shopper choose one over the other.

When confronted with overwhelming choice, the shopper does one of two things:

1. She goes for the top. Whoever is #1 on Google for “logo design”.

2. She buys where she feels safe.

If you are going to compete for the #1 spot on Google for “logo design”, then good luck to you.

For the rest of us, making her feel safe is the only realistic option. It’s a different approach than selling to someone who desperately needs what you sell. She doesn’t. You need to win her trust. The best way to do that is to show her (not tell her) that others are buying from you and are happy with your work. On BizLogo I decided to do that right in the header. A big picture of a smiling lady and her testimonial. It’s a real testimonial (the only kind you should use!) and there is a link to countless more. In my own estimation, testimonials and referrals sell more logos for BizLogo than our low prices, guarantee or any other feature.

The catch is: You have to generate testimonials by over-delivering. If the client only receives what she expects to receive, then testimonials will be hard to come by.

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