Seeking Criticism

Not design criticism. The other kind. System criticism. Do you sometimes have frustrated clients? Someone who expected a phone call or expected to receive more than she did? I like to think that the Biz-Logo system is as streamlined as it gets, but we do have unhappy clients from time to time.

Usually they get frustrated when they dive into a design project without understanding what’s required from them, but that does not mean it’s always their fault.

We really should talk to these people. Not to save the sale. Issue a refund. Forget the money. We need to talk to them to understand their gripe. Is it simply a grumpy client looking for a fight or do they maybe have a point. Step into the client’s shoes and really take a hard look at the issue from their perspective.  And if you find that their frustration might be justified, write a sincere apology. It goes a long way. Then go improve your system.

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