Responsive Design – Is it Really Necessary?

People talk a lot about responsive design, how we need to cater for Web users on mobile devices. I personally find it a tremendous irritation. If you want to browse my awesome web sites, get a real computer.

A year or two ago that attitude was still OK. Mobile traffic was small. It is not anymore.

If you are a stubborn designer who still ignores mobile, have a look at this site:

Type your domain in the box and have a look at your traffic. More than half of the people accessing your site are on mobile devices (2016). Also look at the traffic for Google, Facebook and other popular sites. Mobile traffic now beats good old desktop traffic.

More than half of the people accessing your site literally can’t use it. No wonder your sales are down.

How does this impact SEO? Google has stated that sites that are not mobile-friendly will not rank well on mobile searches. If you’re ignoring mobile and you think it’s OK to lose that mobile traffic, consider that it would make sense for Google to use responsive design as a quality signal – also for desktop searches. It is a matter of time before non-mobile-friendly sites take a hit on regular desktop searches too, if it isn’t happening already.

It’s time to embrace responsive design.

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