Resisting Innovation

Whenever something new comes along you always have the old-schoolers who will kick against it until it hurts.

“It will never work.”
“It will never be as good as ___.”

It was that way with pre-designed logos. If I had a penny for every time someone told me I’m “hurting the industry”!

It is now that way with crowdsourcing.

Instead of kicking, why not embrace the next innovation? Even if you have an established business that seems threatened by this new way of doing things. If it’s good for the client (in the client’s eyes) then it will eventually become the norm and the only way for you to compete. The sooner you start playing by the new rules, the bigger your slice of the future market will be.

And if you see serious problems with the new way of doing things, like the glaring problems with crowdsourcing, then you are probably perfectly placed to offer the solution. Crowdsourcing 2.0.

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