Productive Meetings

I personally like meetings. I like having structured, productive discussions with clients – or employees or my kids for that matter.

Whether you like meetings or not, make sure that you know why you are having a meeting. Not about what, but why.

We don’t always have the time to prepare for meetings, but take 1 minute before the meeting to identify what you want to achieve in that meeting. That will help you focus, which makes you appear considerably better prepared than you are. Chances are that you will start enjoying meetings when you see them as an opportunity to achieve a specific outcome. Even if it’s not your meeting – if you’re just invited to sit in – what can you achieve? What will happen if you takes sides with a colleague who does not expect support from you? Can you use a mundane meeting to gain an ally? Can you use it to diffuse tension? Can you use it to earn trust?

A word of caution though: If it’s not your meeting, don’t be so determined to achieve your outcome that you derail the organizer’s outcome in the process.

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