Post Panda

I have taken several people “under my wing” over the years, showing them exactly how to make money on the Web, either in graphic design or in affiliate marketing. Perhaps it reflects badly on me and my teaching ability, but the fact is that only one of them made it. The rest all now have day jobs; their Internet money dreams only a memory.

But ask anyone who has made it: What makes you different? It’s not talent, knowledge, experience or venture capital. It’s perseverance. Time and again the person who refuses to quit long after most people would throw in the towel is the person who now runs a profitable Internet business.

And then Google comes along with ridiculous algorithm changes and breaks that business. Throw in the towel now? After all the effort to get here? Getting burned in a Google “Panda” or “Penguin” update is just one more hurdle, but the rule hasn’t changed from day one: The Internet isn’t for sissies. It never was. It has always been the domain of the brave, the inventive, the rebellious and the pig-headed who simply will not accept anything less than world domination.

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