Why? I don’t get it.

For every four hundred or so honest designers signing up at LogoGround, we get one crook posing as a designer. This is the nut job who blatantly copies a logo and uploads it as an original work. My question: What is the point? If you know what to look for, spotting a copied logo is easy. If you know what to search for, finding the original is easy too.

If you are going to go through all the trouble of copying a logo, why not rather invest that time in making a brand new one? Note the use of the word “invest”. That’s what you’re doing. You are investing in your future. If you make an awesome, original logo and post it on LogoGround, it WILL sell. Perhaps not right away. Perhaps not within the first year. But it will sell.

Invest a little time every day and watch LogoGround turn it into money for you. Or copy logos. Your choice.

(If you choose the latter, uploading them at LogoGround would be a waste of your time.)

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