Dear Client

Dear Client,

1. Please understand that we cannot work for the promise of later remuneration. The fact that you have four companies that all need new web sites is great, but that does not enable me to give you 75% off on your logo design project.  Most designers are happy to offer volume discounts, but let’s complete a couple of projects first.

2. Please understand that we need design input. It’s not that we are lazy. If you want a mascot, we’d need to know what type of mascot would work for you. Age? Gender? Pose? Expression? Human or animal? If you are happy to leave it all up to us, then be happy with what we come up with.

3. We do not always follow client instructions. Our job is to find creative solutions to design problems. We have to translate your instructions into a workable design.

4. We try hard to treat you like you are our only client, but you are not. We have a schedule to stick to. Other clients may be ahead of you in the queue. A quick change to a design can take only 10 minutes, but if you’re at the back of the queue it is going to take longer.

5. There is no good or bad in graphic design, only subjective opinions. Your feedback should be more constructive than simply “I like it” or “I don’t like it”.

6. Designers will go above and beyond for clients they like. It’s just how it is – and it is as simple as being friendly. We all have clients who shout and who demand and who threaten. We try hard to treat them well, but it is tempting to say “screw that” and to do only the minimum to get them out of our hair. If you want spectacular results in less time, be nice.

7. “I’ll know it when I see it” (IKIWISI) does not count as feedback.

8. If you needed it yesterday, you should have ordered it last week.


Thanks for reading!

If you can expand on this list, please do so in the comments.

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  • Didi

    Dear client, I can’t make a logo for you that is exactly like ___’s logo. It’s taken!

  • Anonymous

    Nice. How did I miss that one?!