Nofollow is Stupid

I find myself “nofollowing” every link I make. Even perfectly “natural” links. It has become a habit and I suspect I’m not the only one.

Google is so touchy about unnatural linking that it seems risky to link without the nofollow attribute firmly in place. As the nofollow epidemic spreads across the Web, normal links will become so rare that Google will have to consider nofollow as dofollow. I’m sure this is not what they intended, but it is frighteningly shortsighted of them to advocate the use of something that will inevitably become useless through over-use.

Nofollow is in the same league as spam filters. It’s old-school problem solving not unlike wrist slapping or patching a buggy piece of software that should never have made it out of beta.

Can we outgrow this mentality at some point, please? True problem solving means aligning your desired outcome with the user’s desired outcome, changing habits so that natural behavior achieves the desired outcome or making the desired outcome profitable.

Or just keep patching that algorithm and hope it holds.

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