Multiple Logo Designers

For $__ you will receive __ concept logo designs by __ logo designers.

But do you need/want multiple logo designers working on your logo?

No. You don’t.

It is a logo design sales gimmick, invented when competition in online logo design started to heat up. It’s one way logo design companies can differentiate themselves – without any benefit to the client, we should add. It just sounds good.

The basic selling point here is that you receive more variety. In logo design however, developing a “style” is a bad thing. One good designer would be expected to offer variety anyway. Experienced logo designers leave no style-fingerprints that can identify the design as theirs. A logo should speak to the client’s customers, not conform to the designer’s tastes or style.

Sites that offer multiple designers working on one project are either misleading clients, using inexperienced designers or they are blindly following a trend.

If everyone is doing it, it must be a good thing, right?

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