Money-Back Guarantees in Logo Design

A million years ago, when I started Biz-Logo, I decided to offer a full, unconditional, 30 day money-back guarantee. I was worried that people might take advantage of it, but they didn’t. We did issue refunds from time to time, but they were “honest” refunds – where our style simply didn’t match what the client wanted.

Over the past year or so that seems to have changed. We issue more refunds now. We produce far better logos than we did when we started and our commitment to client service has not changed. Turnaround is still the same too. We simply have more clients who see the refund option as a way to get a logo designer to work for free for 30 days. They don’t get a logo at the end of course, but they can tap into a designer’s creativity and walk away with great ideas for their logo – and somehow not feel bad about it.

A change to our refund policy is inevitable. No refunds if we continue past the first set of designs or something along those lines. I really don’t want to change it – I like the goodwill approach we use now – but we can’t work for free.

This post has a part 2.

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