Money-Back Guarantees in Logo Design (4)

A money-back guarantee works both ways.

It’s more than an agreement. It’s a promise that we will part friends – either we make you a kick-ass logo or it’s free.

When either party uses it to screw the other, it becomes pointless.

My issue is with clients who view money-back guarantees as a ticket to hire several logo designers for the same project, then select a winner and demand refunds from the rest. These folks are a very small minority of course, but they appear on my radar occasionally. It gets my blood boiling each time. If you want free logos, go to If you prefer hiring a logo designer, paying him/her for their time is the right thing to do!

As a designer, I think the best strategy is to issue the refund and politely thank them for trying your service. Then vent on your blog and move on.

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