Money-Back Guarantees in Logo Design (3)

I’m bitching about logo design money-back guarantees again.

The best money-back guarantee is an unconditional, unlimited one.

Second best: Unconditional but limited to x number of days.

Third: No refunds, but a satisfaction guarantee which means we will keep at it until you are happy.

Fourth: Nothing.

Fifth: Pretending to offer a money-back guarantee.

I found a logo designer today that claims to offer a money-back guarantee, but when you read the fine print it states: “…once the initial logo designs have been delivered to you, we are no longer able to provide a refund”. Huh? So your money-back guarantee does not apply if you send me crappy logo concepts? Why do you have a money-back guarantee then? Oh, wait, I know this one. People think you have one so they feel OK about ordering – and then there is no way they can get their money back, even if you don’t deliver. Sneaky!

I feel sorry for their clients, but I can’t complain when my competitors shoot themselves in the foot. You can’t build a business on deception.

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