It’s finished.


Well, “finished” is relative. It’s live. Launched. Shipped, as Seth Godin would say. Like any web site, it will never be completely finished.

We have been getting many requests at Biz-Logo from designers wanting to sell their pre-designed logos there. I didn’t want to bite. Biz-Logo has always showcased our own pre-designed logos exclusively. The logical progression was to create a service specifically for crowdsourced pre-designed logos. Anyone can sign up and upload logos, but each logo will be approved individually before it’s available for sale on LogoGround. At the time of writing, LogoGround takes a 15% cut, the rest belongs to the designer.

Pre-designed logos crowdsourcing-style have been attempted before, but not very successfully. Biz-Logo’s 8 years experience selling pre-designed logos puts us in a good position. We understand and love the concept of pre-designed logos. LogoGround was built on that experience – as our idea of the perfect pre-designed logo world.

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