LogoGround Update

We’ve been working hard to promote LogoGround.com. If you don’t know yet, it is a platform where anyone can upload pre-designed logos for sale and keep 100% of the profit from their sales. Clients receive exclusive, once-off logos with customization thrown in.

The main difference between LogoGround and similar platforms is our focus on quality. Each logo is individually reviewed before being accepted into the LogoGround collection.

We recently tried a restructuring of some of the content which unfortunately resulted in a sharp decrease in traffic to the site, but I’m happy to report that we are back with a vengeance: Sales growing at a rate of 200% per month, smashing previous records.

We’ve recently added a Twitter account (twitter.com/LogoGround). Follow us and sign up at LogoGround to sell your logos. We can’t guarantee that your logos will be accepted, but if they are accepted there simply is no better place on the Net to sell them!

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