Logo Recycling

It sounds terrible, doesn’t it? Recycling or re-using or selling old logo concepts that the client did not want. It has a hand-me-down feel to it. It is however a necessary reality in logo design.

I recently pitched 5 logo concepts to a client. He rejected all of them. I’m now working on the next batch of 5 concepts. He did give some meaningful feedback so these should be much closer to the mark, but there is of course the possibility that he will reject these as well. This would be extremely discouraging if those rejected logos went into the bin. They are good logos, dammit. Lots of time and thought went into each of them. Every one of them could potentially grow to represent a household brand.

There are design firms who do not recycle rejected concepts, but they charge much higher rates. Effectively the client is paying for many logos, not just the one she approves. I think it is better to charge her for one logo. The ones she did not like can be offered for sale as pre-designed logos – either on the designer’s own site or on a third party logo seller like LogoGround.

And there is another benefit to the client, apart from the price: The designer is now motivated to spend more time on each design. To make it as good as it can be. He now knows that each logo he makes will become someone’s brand some day. He will get paid for each logo eventually – and the better the logos, the more he can charge for them later.

Logo recycling benefits the client, the designer and the clever shopper who picks up a great pre-designed logo at a fraction of the cost of a custom logo.

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