Logo Design: Just a Trade?

My first job was in a gun factory. There was a division were specialist gun makers worked. Tradesmen. Highly skilled workers creating unique hunting rifles for our richer customers.

Back then, a tradesman earned good money. In some sectors they still do, I imagine. But a trade is ultimately a skill. It can be learned. You are competing against anyone who takes the time to learn the same skill. If the final product can be transmitted digitally you have global competition. The problem with global competition is that you (almost) can’t compete on price. Chances are that there is someone, somewhere in a forgotten fricken third-world country who can do what you do at a tenth of the price.

Programming is in this boat. When I built my first site in 1997, HTML was rocket science. Now school kids build interactive PHP sites.

Logo design is, unfortunately, also in this boat. It’s a skill. It’s digital. If you are trying to sell logo design services online at the lowest possible price, someone will go lower within the next 2 or 3 years.

Save yourself the headache. Focus on quality instead. No matter how many logo designers there are in the world, there will always be only ten in the top ten.

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