Logo Design – It’s Harder Than You Thought

Consider that your logo design client is starting a business.

She will be investing years of her life.
She will be missing out on family time.
She will be digging into her savings account – the money her dad left her.
Sometimes she will shush her kids when she’s in the middle of something.
And poor Spike, sitting there with the tennis ball in his mouth, wondering what he did wrong.

She will work with enthusiasm, perhaps for the rest of her life, promoting a logo that you slapped together in 5 minutes.

Consider not slapping it together in 5 minutes.

Spend an hour. Spend a week. Make brilliant logos that excite and motivate your clients to build brilliant businesses. Charge more. If you are short on logo clients that appreciate quality, consider selling your logos at LogoGround.com.

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  • Really its not simple to design the logo. If you are thinking that the logo design is simple than its wrong. You have to think so many factor like colors, fonts, designs, backgrounds etc. 

  • levia jack

    This post is very helpful for the people new in this field. Great post!

  • It is true logo designing seems to be very easy task, but it is not so much easy as it looks. It is not possible for every person to design unique and attractive logo, only a person with creative mind can do this task.

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  • Logo designing is an art which is developed by passion. It is not a simple task it takes years to learn the creativity and design logos that reflect the personality of business.