Logo Colors

When clients ask us to match the colors in their logo design to colors on their web site it usually points to a fundamental misunderstanding of the role of color in branding.

It’s not about colors that look nice. It’s certainly not about taste. Color is an integral part of the message of your logo and brand. It pays to do the research and get a basic understanding of colors and their meaning before you go any further.

You must also consider the impact of your colors on the distinctness of your brand. If every one of your main competitors use blue, using green might be the perfect way to distinguish your brand. Using pink might be even better. My favorite surface cleaner comes in a pale pink bottle. They don’t have a catchy name, but they have this pale pink that makes up for it. Nothing else on the shelf has that color. It’s integral to their brand.

There are no rules here. There might be a good reason why everyone in your industry use blue. The point is, you have to think about, research and understand colors so that your final color choice is an intelligent, considered decision based on factors that will give your business the best chance of success.

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