Just Another Nut

– Coherent navigation.
– At least some thought process behind the design and layout.
– No 404’s or “under construction” notices.
– Look up the difference between “its” and “it’s” already!

Otherwise you are just another nut with something to say. There are millions like you. I don’t care how important your message is, I simply cannot take you seriously.

My gripe is really with Christian web authors who seem to think that the Message alone is important and that the appearance of the site is completely irrelevant. I know how important the Message is, but shouldn’t that motivate you to do your best? It’s like the bulk of gospel music – beautiful lyrics, but the “music” part of “gospel music” seems to have been lost somewhere – as if we’re not allowed to criticize the music because it is religious in nature. Come on. If you’re designing/writing/singing for God, you really need to do better than “good enough”. The work you do is important. Take some pride in it.

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