It’s Not Supposed To Be Easy

When I started selling logos online, it was a hard thing to do. We did not even know how much we should be charging for a “pre-designed” logo. Not a clue. There was a lot of exploratory work to be done. Through trial and error we eventually struck a formula that works for us.

All those who came after could just copy the formula. Or so they thought.

It’s the same in any industry. Any product or service. The real money is in innovation. If you do exactly what everyone else is doing you can make a living, but you will be scraping by.

That’s a given.

There’s already someone doing what you are doing, doing it longer and possibly better because they’ve ironed out some of the bumps you will soon run into. Why would anyone buy from you rather than from the leader? Would you buy from you? Honestly?

Making money online is supposed to be hard. There are many ways to make money online – and they all eventually become crowded as the path is beaten open. Eventually the money dries up. Well, actually no, the money just starts flowing to the innovator who found a better way.

Look at the design industry over the last ten years. Things that used to make money no longer does. The money is starting to flow elsewhere. Find the new money river and follow it until you run out of “beaten path”. Then start building. Make a new path. Be prepared to fail and start over.

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