Internet Business

I started a new Internet business, unrelated to design. It has reminded me just how hard it is. For months I waited for the first sale to happen. I was invisible and close to giving up. Eventually it did happen, but from there to having a good income stream is a long road. I am now at about 15 sales per month (±$400), growing each month.

I’ve learned:

1. The profitable Internet business I’ve built up over the past decade should be cherished. It seems obvious, but if you do the same thing for 10 years the grass on the other side looks like green cotton candy.

2. Build, bookmark, forget, repeat. That’s my new motto for Internet business. While you are building a new site it always seems like a world-changer. Get it built and “shipped”, then let it simmer for a few months while you work on another project. When you return with fresh eyes it’s easy to see flaws in the thinking and improve/scrap the idea.

3. Don’t give up. Pigheadedness is the one common denominator for successful Internet entrepreneurs.

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