Graphic Design CV’s (Part 2)

I continue to be amazed at the crap people send me each time I advertise a job for a logo designer.

Here’s one:

“You can view some of my work on my website – [URL removed]”

There were no logo design examples. Only web design work.

I replied:

“Dear JC,
To apply for the graphic design position, please reply to this email with your CV and a short portfolio of logo work (2MB max.)
Thank you,
Andre le Roux”


“Dear Andre,
Unfortunately I do not use CV’s as I have my portfolio online.
Please feel free to some of my design work on my Facebook page…”


Really, it’s not hard.

1. Google “CV”
2. Type one
3. Proofread
4. Send


PS: I’m not actually asking for your CV. The position has been filled. This is purely an example of how to not go about applying for a job. If you’re a logo designer looking for work, go to

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