Google & Privacy. It’s Bad.

I’ve been using the “incognito” mode in Chrome lately, hoping to restrict Google’s spying on my every move. I also have my search history turned off in my Google account. So I was puzzled when I saw dentist’s ads all over the web today. I searched for local dentists a few days ago.

Right at the bottom of Google’s page explaining search history, they claim that they store searches in a separate system in order to prevent misuse and “to improve our services”. Even if you delete your search history.

Oh, OK. My bad. So no matter what, Google may pull up a chair and take notes when I browse the Web. To benefit their advertisers. I see.

I’ve mentioned before. They now have image search too. It’s a nice alternative to Google. There is also I’ve never been a Microsoft fan, but even Bing is better.

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