You’re Fired

After we gave him a special discount and delivered more than he paid for in less time than promised, a new client asked for more. We politely asked for more money, to which he responded by telling us what a useless, dishonest bunch we are.

He asked for a full refund, which I provided. Then he asked for more designs, which I decided not to provide.

I guess we could’ve stuck with him a little longer, doing a little more work without compensation, but there has to be something that tells me it will be worth it. Some indication that the potential business outweighs the hassle.

On the surface it seems counter-productive, but it’s worth firing clients. Some clients are more hassle than they are worth. Their projects are the ones that keep you up late. That make you miserable. That make you wonder what’s on TV. Fire them. You can’t please everyone. Focus on the clients that appreciate you. They are more fun to work for and, as a rule, they bring more business your way in the long run.

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