Fat, Lazy and Stupid

Apparently the most searched for term in Bing is “Google”.


Most searched for term in Google? “Facebook”.

People open their browsers which default to MSN, where they use Bing to find Google to find Facebook.

“Fat, lazy and stupid” holds true.

I’m no longer sure about “stupid” though. I actually saw someone doing this. She has a degree in accounting, so “stupid” does not apply in her case. It comes down to it being easy enough and what she is used to. It works. Who cares if there is a better way. It’s only a few seconds that she wastes. She did not calculate, despite being an accountant, the total time wasted doing this three times a day, every day for the next 50 years.

So I’ll do that calculation for her, despite being a designer. Say it takes ten seconds and she goes to Facebook three times a day. Assuming she does this on weekends too, she will spend ±152 hours of her life between nowhere and Facebook. If a billion people did this, that’s 57,000 years wasted every single day.

But back to the point:
For those of us trying to sell to this group, assume that your site visitor could not find your site again and probably does not understand or care that you are better than your competitors. On average, she is just glad she found what she wanted to buy. Don’t give her obstacles. Give her a big order button and a pat on the back.

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