Failure Guaranteed

I was on a relatively new online banking site today, trying to pay someone. It took me 2 minutes to figure out how. I’ve paid him before, but this time clicking on “payments” and then on his name took me to a page that allowed me to edit his details.


I’m sure it makes sense to the developer though. Once she explained it to management they probably thought it made sense too. But she’s not here now. Who is going to explain it to the user?

This is a large, national bank. They can get away with it. It hurts them, but they are big enough to not really feel it. You and I can not get away with making clients struggle for 2 minutes to pay us. If we make it that hard for people to buy from us, they simply won’t. No matter how brilliant your product or service is, if no-one but you can find the order button your failure is guaranteed.

You have 10 seconds at most. Give her a big “Pay Now” button above the fold then get out of her way.

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