Every Logo Has Its Day

In the world of pre-designed logos I’m amazed to see how clients scroll past gems to purchase the ugliest logos.

Alright, “ugly” is subjective, but still, a client will scroll to some obscure corner of Biz-Logo and fall in love with a logo that some designer at Biz-Logo created 7 years back. It’s been sitting there on the site for 7 years. Seven years and never been sold! That alone tells you something about its appeal. Along comes Sally and she’s thrilled to find that logo, which is exactly what she’s been looking for.

I think it’s brilliant.

Sally obviously has unique taste. If not for a pre-designed logo that happens to hit the target, she would have had to pay several times as much and she would have struggled to convince a custom logo designer to create something as “different” as that pre-designed logo. Chances are that she would have to settle for something that’s less perfect, in her eyes. I’m thrilled that Sally is thrilled about a logo that nobody else likes.

There’s a client out there for every logo ever created.

It’s like an animal shelter, except the logos don’t age as fast as the dogs and the older dogs are just as cute (to some) as the puppies – and every logo finds a loving home eventually.

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