End of the World!

The end of the world!


The world did not end on May 21 as was predicted. There are predictions like this every year. Someone somewhere is convinced that the world will end and finds/manufactures “evidence” from Scripture or from  some archeological dig. I read that the first known apocalypse prediction was a couple of hundred years BC. A pottery shard containing a prediction that the world would end in their near future. And there have been thousands of these predictions since.

Considering the fact that not one has come true – not a single one – why are there still suckers every time? It can only be because a percentage of us WANT to believe that it’s all over. Want to be done with this life. Want it so badly that we are willing to simply ignore the zero percent success rate of these doom prophets. It’s a “get-me-outa-here” mentality.

According to the Bible, the world will surely end, but it is not for us to know when. The message is: Be ready, but don’t sit around waiting for the end. Get on with it. You can only make a difference if you do something.

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