Deadlines in Logo Design

Good design takes time. Brilliant design takes even longer.

If you need to get your business cards printed by Friday, ordering a logo design on Monday won’t do. Getting angry at your designer’s inability to “speed it up” will probably not make it better.

When you order a logo at a site like or, allow around 2 weeks for the logo development phase. The total time depends on you more than on the design team as it’s ultimately about how many revisions rounds you need to run through before settling on a design. The average is about 2 weeks for a logo.

Allow one more week after receiving the logo files to work with the designer to implement the logo and get additional versions or additional file formats made. You might need an all-white version of the logo for printing on dark clothing, for example.

If you need printing done, like business cards, allow another week for that.

That takes us up to about 1 month. Next time you launch a business, web site or project, order the logo at least one month in advance. Designers can “slap something together” to meet an unrealistic deadline, but a “slapped-together” approach to logo design rarely results in a logo that works.

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