CorelDraw or Adobe Illustrator

Illustrator has been king of the hill for a while now. It’s the standard and the one professional graphic designers have to have.

But recently Adobe seems to making a hash of it and, in my opinion, they opened the door for Corel. With their customer database hack and their recent move to subscription-only software, Adobe has dropped the ball. If they had clearly better software that would be another matter, but they don’t. The only advantage they have is that people are used Illustrator. It’s comfortable. They have some customer loyalty that stems from that. Given this, their decision to milk their customers for every dime seems suicidal. Losing customer loyalty is a hell of a lot easier than earning it and it happens much, much faster. Company greed will do it. Perceived company greed is just as bad.

I really hope that Corel sees the opportunity and steps up. I’ve always been a fan of Corel and I use CorelDraw far more than I use Illustrator. It’s just better.

What will it take for Corel to dethrone Adobe?

  • Have the savvy to learn from Adobe’s subscription mess,
  • stop ignoring the Mac community and
  • have massive incentives for schools/colleges to teach CorelDraw alongside or instead of Illustrator.

If Corel doesn’t seize the opportunity, someone else will. Either way, Adobe’s reign is over.

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