Control The Client Stream

Does Google control your client stream?
Does Google’s algorithm control how much money you will make this month?

It is a very scary scenario. At the time of writing I’m still dependent on Google to some extent, hoping that it will continue to like my sites enough to send me the clients that my business needs to survive. Somebody somewhere in California has a finger on a kill-switch that can sink me. I can’t even rely on their mercy, because they have never heard of me or my business. They simply tweak an algorithm and businesses all over the globe live or die.

It’s not good enough. The stress will take a decade off your life. Use Google traffic to build your business, but outgrow your dependence on that traffic as quickly as possible. Do that by creating awesome value – the kind that keeps your existing clients coming back for more. The kind of value that sells itself because people WANT to refer their friends to you.

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