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The Future

An income of $1,000 per month isn’t nearly enough if you live in America, England or Australia.

An income of $1,000 per month is adequate if you live in South Africa, The Philippines or Russia.

An income of $1,000 per month is a small fortune if you live in Pakistan, Botswana or Guinea.

Why don’t those of us who conduct business online all move to Pakistan, Botswana or Guinea?


We want to speak our own language. We want to live among people who look like us, think like us, eat like us, pray like us, work like us.

But this is changing. Cultures are converging at a staggering rate. A hundred years ago, visiting a foreign country was like visiting another planet. Today you can get McDonald’s and a good hotel almost anywhere on earth. Within one or two generations Pakistan, Botswana and Guinea will look a lot like America, England and Australia. The cultures of the world will be something most people only encounter in documentaries. (Not in books. Books won’t be around except as a luxury item. Mind you, documentaries probably won’t be around either, but that’s another post.)

As this transition gathers momentum people will start to migrate from the first world to the easy life of the third world. Only the brave at first – much as in the time of empires and colonies – because bravery will be required initially. As countries all start to look the same the cautious and the timid will find the courage to follow. The economies of the Third World will grow rapidly as they catch up with the rest of the world. Eventually, national borders and national cultures will become history.

People will say “We are, after all, the same.”

Implications for us today:

1. Prejudice belongs to the past, but as America showed us in its last election, it stubbornly clings to its place in our hearts. It is time to shake it off. Benefits gained from your nationality, your skin color, your sex and your breeding will erode. Deal with it now.

2. The power and influence of the arts will continue to rise as we look for cultural anchors.

3. Religions will converge, being closely tied to culture. As a devoted Christian this saddens me, but it seems inevitable.

4. Investment in third-world countries will steadily increase, as is already the case.

5. The concept of superpowers will begin to fade.

Economic growth in the Third World will come at the expense of economic growth in the First World. Some resistance is to be expected. Anti-globalization sentiment, driven primarily by first-world selfishness, will cause convulsions. Looking after “your own” is after all easier when you do not include all humans in “your own”.

Facebook Twitter Email Alternative announced yesterday that their site will be shutting down on January 31, 2018. Sad news indeed. The announcement cites a desire to focus efforts elsewhere as the reason for the decision.

It was a great web site and an example to the rest of us in the readymade logo business.

If you are looking for a StockLogos alternative, we would love for you to join us at

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Quality and Quantity in Logo Design

There are, conservatively, more than four hundred thousand ready-made logos for sale on the Internet today, not counting template logos.

If you create 100 original logos and post them to a site like LogoGround, they will hardly be noticed.

The Internet has quantity. Everything is there – in surplus. Your ability to churn out original logos at speed has little value and it will have even less value going forward.

Instead of creating 100 good logos, create 10 brilliant logos. Logos that people notice, link to, talk about and include in top 10 lists. Post them to LogoGround and let the algorithm push them to the top.

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A New Biz-Logo has long been our company’s flagship logo site, growing exponentially over the years. With a large, complex web site like Biz-Logo, it is inevitable that the site eventually devolves into a collage of patches and quick fixes. If you put a rebuild off long enough, different sections of your site start to take on a life of their own, especially when more than one person works on the site, resulting in a confusing, inconsistent experience for the user. I’m proud to announce that we have a brand new Biz-Logo site, and that this isn’t just a face lift but an entire rebuild from the ground up. I hope you like it!

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Worst Web Design Mistake

When we make design mistakes they’re usually easy to spot during testing. The worst mistakes are ones you can only spot under certain conditions. The worst place to make a mistake is the order form. Put the two together and you have a nightmare.

Imagine an order form that works some of the time.

It has happened to me. Orders were coming in so I knew the order form worked, but order volumes were depressingly low. Turns out that the order form fails only with a specific selection of options.

If you don’t do it already, submit test orders through your site occasionally. If there are order options, test every combination. Test it when logged into the site and when not logged in. Change browser and repeat.

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Juventus Logo

Juventus F.C., the famous Italian football club from Turin, unveiled their new logo last week.

New Juventus Logo

The new logo is claimed to be the result of a full year’s work. Someone should have taken the time to make sure the design is not uncomfortably similar to an existing design.

The logo on LogoGround represents the letters “LT” and was published in June 2016.

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Smaller and Better

Size matters, but in the world of platforms the move is increasingly towards smaller, not bigger. There are many logo designers in the world. There are also many sites that attempt to be platforms where designers can sell their ready-made logos. The logo platforms have one thing in common: They all try to be the biggest. They sometimes approve poor quality logos in an attempt to outlogo the competition. Some approve logos that violate existing copyrights. More and bigger at almost any cost.

But one thing the Web has – intrinsically – is size. A logo platform like LogoGround has access to literally millions of designers and tens of millions of possible logo designs. If we list them all we will be of no use to the logo shopper who has to wade through thousands of virtually identical, poor quality, uninspired designs to find a good logo for her business.

Big isn’t bad. Big at the expense of quality is.

Much better for platforms to disqualify all but the best work by the best designers. Designers are sometimes frustrated by the quality barriers at LogoGround, but even if we exclude the bottom 99% of ready-made logos we will have more logos than most shoppers want to browse through. Platforms like LogoGround must become ever more selective. If we don’t, we follow a path to where finds itself. It had 200,000+ artworks for sale last time I checked. Great, if they’re all high quality, but they are not. Most of it is noise that shoppers have to sift through.

As a logo designer/artist, your ability to churn out logos/art at speed has little value. It’s all about quality.

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Responsive Design – Is it Really Necessary?

People talk a lot about responsive design, how we need to cater for Web users on mobile devices. I personally find it a tremendous irritation. If you want to browse my awesome web sites, get a real computer.

A year or two ago that attitude was still OK. Mobile traffic was small. It is not anymore.

If you are a stubborn designer who still ignores mobile, have a look at this site:

Type your domain in the box and have a look at your traffic. More than half of the people accessing your site are on mobile devices (2016). Also look at the traffic for Google, Facebook and other popular sites. Mobile traffic now beats good old desktop traffic.

More than half of the people accessing your site literally can’t use it. No wonder your sales are down.

How does this impact SEO? Google has stated that sites that are not mobile-friendly will not rank well on mobile searches. If you’re ignoring mobile and you think it’s OK to lose that mobile traffic, consider that it would make sense for Google to use responsive design as a quality signal – also for desktop searches. It is a matter of time before non-mobile-friendly sites take a hit on regular desktop searches too, if it isn’t happening already.

It’s time to embrace responsive design.

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Reassuring Work

Doing some familiar, repetitive task can be a really comfortable, reassuring place to be. Checking emails, checking Twitter, adding products to your web site. It’s like working in a factory.

You’re busy. You’re Working.

These tasks come with a shine of usefulness, but rarely make a meaningful contribution to the direction or growth of your business. If your business is growing, these tasks will not make it grow any faster – nor any slower. If you business is declining, these tasks won’t save it. You can’t keep doing the same thing and expect different results. If what you are doing now isn’t getting you to where you want to be it may be time for brave work.

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Letter Logo Quiz

Brand new… the letter logo quiz.

The aims of the quiz:

  1. Fun.
  2. All of us in the logo design industry have been losing traffic to the logo quiz craze, where online or app users have to ‘guess the logo’. This quiz is to gauge the type and volume of traffic such a quiz can generate. I’ll post back some results at a later date.
  3. Promote the idea of letter-based logo designs.
  4. Gather useful data on letter logo recognition across ages, geographical areas and so forth. Results will be posted as soon as we have had enough participants in the quiz.


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