Catastrophic Data Loss

Most businesses that suffer catastrophic data loss don’t survive. These are businesses that were doing well, making money, expanding, no time for backups, hard drive fries, business unable to recover. Of course they fight hard to recover, but usually the hole that the data loss punches in the boat is just too big to plug and they sink.

Where do you store your critical information? Do you *know* that you have an off-site backup of that information or do you assume/trust that your IT guy or admin assistant has a backup somewhere?

Considering the amount of time, money, effort and sacrifice required to build a business, you’d think we would spend 5 minutes a week on backups. Buy an external hard drive with a USB connector. Do it today. They are cheap. Plug it into your PC. Run your backup utility of choice (I use the free version of SyncBack). Unplug your external hard drive and take it with you when you leave the office. When you get home, make a backup of your backup on your home PC. This entire process takes me about 5 minutes and I run through it every Friday.

(SyncBack is great because you create a profile once and then just run that profile whenever you want a new backup – or set it up to run automatically at scheduled intervals.)

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